MFG: Midward Supply


Electric Eyelet Press

Midward Supply offers the EP Series Eyelet Presses as an economical alternative for setting eyelets. These presses are available either as manually powered or electric, but still offer the productivity enhancement to automate the feeding of the eyelet.

The capacity of the EP Presses accomodates most eyelets with a barrel diameter between 0.121" and 0.250". A flange diameter up to about 0.400" can be used in most instances, and the length may be limited to ensure consistent results.

The EP Press is also available as a dual head, adjustable set-up with center distances ranging from 3.0" up to 7.5". 

To find out how the EP Series Eyelet Presses can work for you, please send us samples of your eyelets, along with the material, and we will perform an application evaluation and advise you of our recommended machine. A better, easier way of installing eyelets is available today!

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