MFG: Stimpson

Model 10 Electric

Rivet Machine

Single spindle, pedestal, mechanical, type riveter with automatic rotary barrel rivet feed system.

Max rivet capacity: 3/16” by up to 15/16” long semi tubular LCS
Stroke: 2 ½”
Throat: 12.00”
Motor: 1/3 HP, 1140 RPM
Work height: 42.00”
Net weight: 575 lbs, crated 675 lbs
Trip: Electric solenoid with roller clutch
Power requirements: 120 volt

Widely used in many industries including: Automotive, Appliance, Hvac, molding, lighting, friction and many others.


Key Features: A tested and proven machine design used for decades throughout many industries.

Model 10 Electric
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